The K3Pro® Implant System

The market average of current systems today is characterized by epicrestal or crestal positioning. Despite the platform switch, micro-movements of the structure not only lead to screw loosening, but also to bacterial colonization of the implant. These structural movements initially lead to mucosal degradation, which causes aesthetic problems, and subsequently to bone loss and loss of primary stability. The implant can be lost in the medium term.

The proven philosophy of K3Pro®, however, is subcrestal use. Due to the absolutely bacteria-proof and micro-motion-free cone and the sloping shoulder, the implant heals deep into the bone. The gingiva is permanently attached. With the 1.5 ° cone shape and force closure, we can achieve the best of both worlds: the surgical and prosthetic flexibility of the two-part system, with simultaneous load distribution and stability as with one-piece implants. The distances to adjacent teeth or implants can be significantly reduced.

A truly sustainable solution!


Place the Difference! 


Left: Implant of another manufacturer , Right: K3Pro®


In our Implant Solutions milling and planning center, we offer surgical and prosthetic planning as well as 3D printing for models and surgical guides. To perform the work at Implant Solutions, a digital image of the patient's jaw in the DVT center is necessary. On the basis of these data, the production takes place a three-dimensional drilling template. This template, with an accuracy of about 0.1 mm, contributes to a significant improvement in prosthetics and surgery. Furthermore, Implant Solutions mills individual abutments made of zirconium dioxide or titanium, not only for K3Pro® implants, but also for many others Implant systems.


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