The high product quality and innovative power of K3Pro® is also reflected in our laboratory components. Our goal is to create optimum conditions for dental technology as well, in order to work as uncomplicatedly as possible with a consistently conical implant system. For a perfect prosthetic result.



  Our impression posts are available in two lengths so that they are optimally accessible to your individual needs. The short version can also be supplied in aluminum for a better contrast in the X-ray image. These are fitted with particularly precise locking snap caps. They also enable closed impression taking directly on the EAK and temporary abutments.

Our click lab analog allows the technician to work on thecrown very easily without any erroneous height offset. This analog is in two parts, to remove the construction from the model no Abutment removal tool has to be used, because the retention sleeve remains in the model. A unique innovation among all conical implant systems.


The classic laboratory analog of K3Pro®. Ideal for milled models. Also available as one-piece abutment analog for the EAK series.


The impression posts for the open tray impression are also available in two different lengths and on request in aluminum.


The K3Pro® Tri-Scanbodies are available in two lengths made of peek or aluminum. Please contact us regarding the usability of K3Pro® in the design software you are using.

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