The K3Pro Implant System has been offering implants with diameters of 3 and 3.5 mm and lengths of between 9 and 17 mm for years, for the most difficult indications with greatly reduced bone supply and aesthetically outstanding solutions in the anterior region. The revolutionary, long tapered connection of 1.5 °, which ensures generally sustainable bacteria tightness and no micro-motion, offers an additional great advantage: The complete range of abutments for all prosthetic solutions is available to the team of surgeon and dental technician without restriction.

The same applies to the new short implants in lengths of 5.5 and 6.5 mm (with diameters starting at 4 mm), which can be blocked or used as a single tooth replacement. Thanks to the new compressive and tensile load, they effectively support the reconstruction and long-term preservation of the bone. With its solutions not only for standard cases but for the most unusual indications, K3Pro offers a complete spectrum for sophisticated implantology. And that with uncompromising quality "made in Germany".




1,5° self-clamping cone


Bacterial sealed/ micro-motion-free implant/ prosthetic connection


1.2 mm anti-rotation hexagon


Abutment screw with spiral, self-locking thread


OsteoActive® Surface for fast and safe osseointegration


Two parallel threads

Self-tapping thread for easy insertion

  Sloping shoulder for crestal bone preservation and preservation of soft tissue, microgrooves for increased surface area


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