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ARGON Medical

ARGON Medical is an internationally established manufacturer of systems for dental implantology as well as allograft transplants with headquarters in Bingen am Rhein. All our products are developed and produced in Germany and bear the seal "Made and Engineered in Germany". Every year, Argon organizes a large number of training events and symposiums with well-known speakers, who serve as lively discussion platforms.


Made in Germany 

The principle of Argon stands for a Declaration of Independence that adds value and proves that size is not everything. It's about a company that consistently goes its own way. We, the Argon, are trailblazers, e.g. for the conical connection, which has been an integral part of our philosophy for more than 15 years.

We set standards.


The "Konus" principle

The Konus principle is a question of one's own claim. It is the reflection on own virtues. We have very specific ideas about the development and production of our products.

In addition to the greatest possible economic benefits, we always want to meet the high medical requirements. This is about the quality, the question of clinical use and safety, and of course the price. We understand the Konus principle as a responsibility towards the patient and our customer. As a small company, we also see the principle as a David principle. We are not afraid of the big ones. We are independent.

We are among the best implant companies in the world.


The perspective principle

We have to say that not much will change with about the Konus in the next years. In principle. That means our standards will continue to be the highest. We will maintain what has proven itself and still surprise with innovations. We look ahead and act, both to secure our position and to always provide our customers with the latest technology. The latest and most comprehensive implant of all time, the K3Pro, is already an integral part.

Whatever we do, it will always remain a true, bacteria-proof and micro-motion-free conical connection. Promised.


K3Pro Implant System

The K3Pro implant system developed by us impresses with its broad product portfolio with its optimal system components. K3Pro offers outstanding product properties with excellent clinical and esthetic results. The conical connection in particular achieves an absolutely precise connection from the implant to the abutment, which connects to a whole without permanent screw connection after assembly.


Conical Connection

The development of the Konus as an absolute precise connection in dental implantology has already been extensively described in the literature in the past. At the same time, the examination results show that a self-sealing connection between implant and abutment can only be achieved by conical systems up to a maximum of 6 °. The average 1.6 mm bone loss around the implant / abutment connection, which was found in dental implant studies, was found only in conventional connections between implant and abutment. Systematic implant shoulder loads were also noted in such connections, which could often lead to fracture. Implants with a conical connection up to 6 °, however, were harmless. There was no bone loss and no destruction of the implant here.


K3Pro Taper

The K3Pro system connects the implant and the abutment with a 1.5° taper, which ensures optimum product properties and load distribution through its optimal distribution of forces within the system. K3Pro therefore occupies a leading position among the conical connections in the implant market. The connection with K3Pro is so precise that even with implants with a diameter of more than 3mm an optimal connection can be guaranteed within the system. At the same time, the micro-movement-free connection is completely bacteria-proof and thus guarantees long-term preservation of the bone and papilla in the patient's jaw.

In implantology, two- or multi-part implant systems are more commonly used because of clinical and dental advantages like one-piece implants.

When using two-piece, screw-retained implant systems, the peri-implant bone height may vary, depending on the implant system and design used. The peri-implant bone height is influenced by mechanical and microbiological aspects of the implant-abutment connection. So it can be due to mechanical inaccuracies due to fit inaccuracies under chewing load, to loosen the structure or even fractures in the area of ​​the implant-abutment connection.

The micromovements of the implant-abutment connections and the resulting force-dependent enlargement of the microcolumns were investigated and proven by various research groups. Zipprich et al. In 2007, under simulated mastication and X-ray video recording, micromovements in implant-abutment connections with a clearance fit under chewing load could be demonstrated. For implant systems with a precisely manufactured conical connection with an interference fit, these micromotions could not be detected.

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